Today, June 21, 2022, the HF-L Board of Education is anticipated to accept the retirement of Dr. Bruce Capron, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations. Dr. Capron has announced his plan to retire on October 31, 2022.

Dr. Capron has been with the HF-L school district since 2011. During his time at HF-L, Dr. Capron has:

· successfully developed voter-approved school budgets for HF-L CSD for the past 11 years,

· overseen food service, transportation, facilities, human resources, as well as all areas of finance, including payroll, and accounts payable,

· played a key role in HF-L completing multiple capital projects,

· been the primary and lead negotiator on numerous collective bargaining agreements, town and municipal contracts, and numerous building contracts,

· served on the Board of Directors for the Rochester Area School Health Consortium and the Genesee Valley Workers Compensation Consortium,

· served as President and Director of the Rochester Area School Business Officials Association (ASBO),

· regularly presented at multiple state and regional conferences in the area of school finance, leadership, and new board of education training,

· led the management and refinancing of numerous serial bonds to reduce taxpayer interest payments, and worked closely with the District’s financial consultants, bond council, and credit rating agencies to help secure the District's strong financial rating.

· served in numerous instructional leadership positions, was an executive committee member and leader in the Finger Lakes STEM Hub, performed teacher evaluations, and created numerous opportunities for staff and students to visit and team with local companies about the skills necessary to achieve success after high school.

Dr. Capron graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science degree and then went on to earn a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkley. He began his engineering career in Silicon Valley working in the semiconductor industry. Over the years, Dr. Capron worked in engineering and business management positions in the optoelectronics, optics, laser, and medical device industries.

While raising his family and while his daughters attended Naples Central School, Dr. Capron was elected to the Naples Board of Education. During this time, Dr. Capron discovered his passion for education. When he joined HF-L in 2011, Dr. Capron effectively changed career paths and launched his educational leadership career.

“Dr. Capron is the kind of person with an incredible career trajectory. Bruce leveraged his background in engineering and business to launch a new career in education by joining HF-L as a school district business official. Dr. Capron showed himself to be a life-long-learner by completing a Master’s in Educational Leadership,” said Superintendent Gene Mancuso.

To fill this position, HF-L is beginning a comprehensive search process to find its next School Business Official. The District is posting the job opening this week with a start date in August 2022.

“The time I have spent at HF-L has been the most rewarding part of my professional career,” said Dr. Capron. “Every time I speak with an HF-L student, ride a bus, attend an event, participate in a training, or visit a classroom, I am inspired by how we all collectively help our students grow and prepare them for a bright future. Thank you for letting me be a part of this school community.”