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In order to meet the complexities of today’s learners, the District has adopted a Professional Learning Community (PLC) model that allows for all teachers to benefit from clarity regarding shared purpose, common understanding of the school they are trying to create, and help schools to create action plans and goals to mark their progress. The HF-L instructional program has a proud history. In the modern era not only are the end results continuously moving, but the speed of change, the modernization of the workforce, and the pandemic are all relevant to the work seen at each building.

The District created a video entitled Every Student, Every Day, that highlights district-wide research-based practices that include Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Habits of Mind, Professional Learning Community (PLC), and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).

At the January 18, 2022, Board of Education meeting, the Board of Education and the Program Budget Advisory Committee had a chance to hear and review presentations from the Lima Primary School. Teachers and administrators presented their requests for consideration in creating the 2022-2023 annual school instructional budget that will be presented to voters on May 17, 2022. Under New York law the school budget vote and election occurs on the third Tuesday in May. The District also posts budget information, including PowerPoint presentations to the district website at

The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 1, 2022, and will include Manor Intermediate’s instructional program budget presentation. All meetings of the school board are live-streamed on the District website.