grace shannon oath

During the Board of Education meeting that took place on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, HF-L senior Grace Shannon was sworn in by the Board of Education President, David Francis, as the Student Representative on HF-L’s Board of Education.

"I am honored to stand as the Student Representative for the Board of Education. This position holds great value as it provides the community with an "inside scoop" of what is going on inside the district. I believe it essential that the board and the students have a two-way street. As Student Representative, it is my job to ensure that both sides are heard,” said Shannon.

Shannon was elected by her peers to serve in this role and will remain in this role for the remainder of the academic year.

“As a board, we appreciate hearing from the student body about their experiences at HF-L. It provides an element of connection and a lane of communication for the board to hear from our most important people... our students,” said Caralyn Ross, BOE Vice President.

By creating opportunities for students to participate on the school board, it allows students a chance to see the democratic process firsthand. According to research, other benefits include:

Academic Achievement: Meaningfully involving students on school boards helps to engage students, which raises academic achievement.

Point of View: School boards—and districts—can benefit from the opinions, knowledge, ideas, and experiences of students.

Accuracy: Having students on school boards can help ensure that adults know what is happening in schools in real-time.

Democracy: As the saying goes, “Anything about us without us is not for us.” Schools can put democracy into action with students on school boards.

Effective School Improvement: Engaging students on school boards can significantly improve the effectiveness of school improvement measures.

Youth Development: Students can become more effective learners when they are engaged on school boards, and skills learned in this environment (such as decision making) affect them throughout their lives.

School Culture: The attitudes, policies, and structures of schools may change when students are on school boards.

Embracing Diversity: Embracing a diverse set of perspectives can make student voice a significant tool in the school leadership toolbox.

Integrity: Educators and school leaders have an ethical responsibility to engage students as partners throughout education, particularly in the decision-making that affects them every single day.