board of education

October 18-22, 2021

The New York State School Boards Association recognizes October 18 - 22 as School Board Recognition Week. This is a time to promote awareness and understanding of the important work performed by school board members. The Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District is joining all public school districts across the state to celebrate School Board Recognition Week to honor local board members for their commitment to HFLCSD and its children.

"I appreciate how the school board has led the way in celebrating Cougar Pride regularly with the implementation of the Cougar Pride Award. These volunteers spend countless hours preparing for meetings, are willing to serve in unpaid roles as stewards for the education of the community's children,” said Gene Mancuso, HF-L Superintendent.

Mancuso said the key work of school boards is to raise student achievement by:

  • Creating a shared vision for the future of education
  • Setting the direction of the school district to achieve the highest student performance
  • Providing accountability for student achievement results
  • Developing a budget that aligns district resources to improve achievement
  • Supporting a healthy school district culture in which to work and to learn
  • And much more!

HF-L’s Board of Education members give the HF-L citizens a voice in education decision making and the administration would like to recognize them in the following statements.

“Thank you to the Honeoye Falls-Lima Board of Education for your leadership and commitment to our students, staff, and our community. I appreciate all the time you have volunteered serving our District,” said David Roth, High School Principal.

“I greatly appreciate the efforts of our Board of Education. Throughout the years, it has been clear to me that they care greatly about the welfare of our students and staff. They give hours and hours of their time voluntarily in service to the community. Their time, energy, and commitment is noticed and valued. Thank you,” said Shawn Williams, Middle School Principal.

“Thank you to our BOE for the continued support of our Habits of Mind. As a board, you model thinking flexibly, taking responsible risks, responding with wonderment, and continuous learning. You LIVE the Habits, and we see it,” said Joelle Weaver, Manor School Assistant Principal. 

“We are so proud to have this school board supporting our students, staff, and families.  Thank you for your commitment to innovative learning,” said Allison Cimmerer, Lima Primary Principal.

The Board of Education members serving the District and their years of service are as follows:

·       David Francis - 2016-19; 2019-22

·       Caralyn Ross - 2017-20; 2020-23

·       Carol Bellavia - 2012-15; 2015-18; 2018-21; 2021-24

·       Kelli Eberle - 2021-24

·       Jeff Klein - 2020-23

·       Christopher Neff - 2021-24

·       Gary Stottler - 2007-10; 2010-13; 2013-16; 2016-19; 2019-22

·       Stephanie Templeton - 2010-13; 2013-16; 2016-19; 2019-22

·       Amy West - 2011-14; 2014-17; 2017-20; 2020-23

Throughout School Board Recognition Week, the District will be recognizing its Board members with a social media campaign as well as a follow-up recognition at the upcoming Board of Education meeting scheduled for October 26, 2021.