gerry petersen-incorvaia

Gerry Petersen-Incorvaia Ph.D. is a Solution Tree associate, author, and former superintendent for educational services in Arizona. His work focuses on ensuring all students have access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum.

 Dr. Petersen-Incorvaia guides the tight alignment of rigorous curriculum, balanced assessment, and targeted interventions and enrichments. He does this work by ensuring that collaborative teams of teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders engage with this important work. Dr. Petersen-Incorvaia is soon to become a familiar face at HF-L! He will provide ongoing support to HF-L teachers and leaders through a variety of services, including:

  • Monthly Virtual Coaching for Principals 
  • Customized On-Site Workshops & Embedded Coaching Support October 6-8 November 9-11 January 12-13 March 15-16 May 6 
  •  Interactive Web Conferences (8) 

*This partnership was made possible by federal grant funding.